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Pump & Turbine Repairs


Qualitech undertakes comprehensive repairs to complete pump assemblies or components as required. These include the manufacture of shafts, wear rings, bushings, wear sleeves, spacer sleeves, balance sleeves, throttle bushings etc.

Pumps can be repaired on a turn-key basis. Disassembly of the pump is carried out, followed by a comprehensive report which is discussed with the customer. Component repairs then proceed. We are able to source any type of materials worldwide for manufacture of shafts, wear rings, sleeves, bushings or anything else that is required.

Qualitech has been able to locate special synthetic wear ring and bushing materials which can run dry, temporarily, at temperatures of 500F without seizing. Weld repair procedures are used for specialist welding of all components. Our inspection department can also analyze the original materials used in the pump to verify their composition, using x-ray technology.

Pump casings can be rebuilt and line-bored to original manufacturer’s specifications and even internally coated with abrasion resistant coatings, for longer life. The pump impellers are balanced individually, followed by a progressive balance of the complete rotating element. Final assembly and pressure testing is carried out by experienced in house technicians.

Our In-House overhaul service includes all types of pump assemblies including Vertical, Horizontal Split, and Boiler feed, Turbine, Reciprocating, Vane type, Submersible, Diaphragm and many others.

Turbine Repairs

Turbine repairs is an area which has been rapidly developing, mainly due to customer demand. We have, for a number of years, been in the business of shaft repairs, namely de-stacking Rotor assemblies, repairing/manufacturing new shafts, re-assembling and balancing the complete Rotor. Rotor assemblies can also be Glass Bead Blasted in our indoor facility to look like the “as new” condition.

In addition to this, we now carry out Gas/Steam path repairs, in which Diaphragm vanes and Nozzle blocks etc. are welded and machined back to original specifications. Labyrinth seals can also be fitted, peened and machined on both Rotors and casings. Turbine and Compressor casings are also rebuilt, repaired, re-dowelled, line bored etc. along with any other reconditioning work required to be carried out. Casing faces can be hand scraped and “blued” for gas sealing.

We also manufacture a wide range of spare parts for Turbines using specified materials. These include, among others, Rotor Shafts, Labyrinths, Nozzle Blocks, Speed Pickups, Shafts, Gears, Couplings, Dowels, etc. Rotor shaft repairs can be carried out using a variety of materials including, but not limited to, Ceramics, Stainless Steel or Tungsten Carbide, using the HVOF metal spraying system. Diaphragms are also ‘pad welded’ and machined for a better radial fit in the casing.

Modifications and upgrades are carried out regularly in our workshop under the supervision of OEM representatives, which have included many of the world’s top manufacturers of Turbines, Compressors and other Rotating equipment.