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Laser Alignment & Predictive Maintenance

Qualitech Machining Services Limited offers Dynamic On-Site Balancing using the latest portable balancing equipment available. Balancing is done in the shortest possible time frame thus minimizing downtime of your equipment. In addition to balancing, other defects such as mechanical faults associated with the equipment can also be identified by analysis of the initial frequency spectrum. Problems such as misalignment, defective bearings and mechanical looseness, among many others can be detected. On completion of Balancing Jobs, a report is presented showing the “As found” and final conditions of the completed job for your records.

In addition to Balancing and Vibration analysis, QMS also offers a Predictive Maintenance Program tailored to your equipment. QMS will send personnel to your site and take readings on equipment such as Pumps, Motors and other Rotating Machines while they are running. The data collected is analyzed, tabulated and displayed in the form of a graph. By observing the “trend” of data, it is possible to predict the potential failure of a piece of equipment way in advance. This powerful Trending tool is able to save unnecessary maintenance (as in Preventative Maintenance schemes where bearings are changed whether good or bad), but allows you to get maximum run time from the equipment by close monitoring, extending its useful service life.

The benefits of Predictive Maintenance are tremendous savings, spares can be ordered in advance of equipment failure and problems can be identified in the early stages so that damage will not occur to costlier spares such as shafts, impellers, fans, rotors etc.

QMS is offering Precision Laser Alignment services to the industry. Laser alignment is the preferred method of alignment, it not only saves time, but is also extremely precise. The equipment used is Intrinsically Safe, meaning it can be used on equipment in areas that may possibly be in explosive atmospheres or under irregular operating conditions.