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Marine Work

We have been involved in the Marine industry for a number of years. Qualitech Machining Services Limited has manufactured propeller shafts up to 28 feet long. These are manufactured with wear sleeves, tapers, keyways and propeller nuts, including ‘pegging’ of the propeller, to ensure a 100% contact fit of the propeller on the taper. A full refurbishing service or rebuilding and straightening of propeller shafts is also offered.

In addition to the above, complete Rudder fabrication and comprehensive repairs, rebuilding and machining of rudder pintle bearing areas are also carried out. We also carry out overhauls on winches, gear boxes and pumps, repairs to cylinder heads, valves and almost anything that can be found on a vessel. We have manufactured and repaired a vast range of components found on ocean going vessels.

In a number of instances, Qualitech Machining Services has been the workshop of choice when the Original Equipment Manufacturers need to carry out comprehensive overhauls of Main Thrusters for Tugs and other vessels. We supply labor to assist the Equipment manufacturer’s engineers and at the same time provide the machine shop services as required. These Thrusters can weigh up to 15 Tons each, with Propellers weighing 2-3 Tons and a diameter of 8 feet.