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Equipment Overhauls

Over the years we have been overwhelmed by requests to provide an Overhaul service to our customers. Many companies do not have the facilities for the repairs of complete units and are in dire need for such a service. As a result of this, Qualitech has opened a Mechanical Repair Department within its workshop to cater for this need.

The department is staffed by experienced mechanics that will disassemble the equipment, provide inspection reports, with a recommendation for repairs. The customer may supply the parts required, or they can be repaired or manufactured by Qualitech if the estimated costs are acceptable to the customer. A final inspection report is presented with the completed job, documenting all the work carried out, with all the assembled running clearances etc.

In cases where the customer requests that an original equipment supplier representative oversees the overhaul/ repair, this can be accommodated, as we have had representatives of most of the major equipment suppliers from around the world in our workshop working alongside us. Overhauls carried out include, but are not limited to: Single and Multistage Pumps of all descriptions including Horizontal split, Vertical etc., Gearboxes, Winches, Compressors and a large variety of other industrial equipment used in the different industries.