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On-site Machining Services

Qualitech Machining Services Limited offers trained Millwrights and Machinists who are capable of carrying out work, on site, during turnarounds, in a supporting role 24 /7. In addition to this we also offer a ‘Workshop Support Service’, whereby the workshop is staffed with machinists, welders etc, on a 24 Hour basis, as long as the turnaround lasts. This has proven to be extremely useful to customers on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, particularly when a critical unexpected job arises outside normal working hours, they have the assurance that it can be started immediately without delays or lost time.

Our onsite crews also offer services such as Drilling using Magnetic Drilling Machines and Bolt Extraction Service using an Electro Discharge Machine (EDM). This portable EDM machine uses a Hollow Carbon Electrode to automatically ‘Burn’ a core out from a broken bolt or stud without damaging the threads, regardless of the hardness of the material! The threads are then easily removed. There is no limit to the size of the broken bolt to be removed. We have been able to ‘burn’ out bolts as large a 6” diameter in a matter of hours, whereas the drilling process could have taken days! Additionally, we also carry out Line Boring on site if required. The portable equipment can be set up on the job itself and machining carried out in-situ. This equipment has proven very useful particularly in cases of large earth moving equipment, where the items are too large to be moved to the workshop, the machining work can be done on site, very often without dismantling of the major components.

The area of on-site machining is expanding very quickly. We have been approached by many of our customers to provide this essential service. In response to their needs, our inventory of Portable Machining equipment is growing steadily, so we ask you to contact us to see if we can satisfy your needs.

Some of our on-site services include, but not limited to, Flange Facing, Milling, Vibration Analysis, Balancing, Laser Alignment, Equipment Installation, Drilling and Tapping, Supply of Mechanical Mill Wrights, and Labour, among many others.