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Dynamic In-house and Field Balancing

Qualitech has one of the latest state-of-the-art Dynamic Balancing machines in the world. We were one of the first companies in the world to have such a machine installed. Training, by the manufacturers, has enabled us to achieve balance tolerances which are unattainable on other machines. OEM representatives are indeed impressed when they see this kind of equipment in Trinidad. Using this piece of equipment, we have been able to achieve high precision balancing tolerances, down to 0.000005” (five millionths of an inch), which has exceeded customers’ requirements.

Equipment balanced include, but are not limited to: Turbine Rotors, Pump Impellers, Pump Elements, ID & FD fans, Compressor Rotors, Electrical Rotors, Centrifuges and virtually any type of rotating component or assembly. A comprehensive balance report is provided with any balancing carried out. This report details all input parameters, ‘as found’ condition, tolerances used and ‘final’ balance tolerances achieved. In addition, we have Portable Field Balancing equipment. This equipment is a multi-plane balancing instrument which can dynamically balance jobs on site, without the need to remove the job. It also serves as a predictive maintenance instrument. For example we can take normal vibration readings of your equipment at regular fixed intervals, and plot them on a graph.

Over a period of time, subsequent plots may show an increase in vibration levels on a particular piece of equipment. This is an early indicator that the equipment may fail if not attended to earlier. This type of predictive maintenance saves cost by reducing fixed interval servicing such as bearing changes, which may not be necessary at this point in time. It can also indicate in a timely manner bearing failure, thus saving unexpected down time.

Qualitech has recently installed an indoor Glass Bead Blasting facility. This allows us to clean a Turbine Rotor or any other piece of equipment by using Glass Beads exclusively. The use of Glass Beads ensures there is no damage to the component being blasted. The results are astounding, the cleaned part looks like the “as new” condition. In fact many customers ask to see the facility for themselves after looking at the finished product. The process cleans grime, varnish, rust and any other deposits from the original material. This helps to restore the original balanced condition of the Rotor.