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Glass Bead Blasting

Qualitech has just commissioned an in-house Glass Bead Blasting facility, which is used specifically to blast very delicate items such as turbine rotor discs, turbine shafts, compressor rotors, valve components, aluminum pistons and many other items which are too finely tuned to be sand blasted.The round glass beads gently remove deposits of carbon, varnish, stains and other undesirable deposits, which have accumulated in use, without affecting the dimensions of the part being blasted. These deposits can affect the balance of a rotor in service as they accumulate over the years.

During the blasting cycle, the deposits, which have been dislodged by the action of the glass beads, are removed by filtration of the glass beads and debris together. The glass beads which have been broken during the operation are also removed at this stage of the filtration, thus assuring that only perfectly round beads are recycled, reducing any possible abrasion to the job by the use of broken beads. This also ensures a zero emission into the environment.

Our Grit Blasting Facility uses steel grit for the removal of heavy rust and corrosion. This also prepares the components with the correct surface profile for painting or other protective coatings.