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3D Printing of Patient-Specific Anatomical Models

As a surgeon, do you want to perform better surgeries with better patient outcomes?
As a healthcare provider, do you want to reduce the risk, time and cost of surgical procedures at your hospital?

The use of 3D printed anatomical models is becoming more commonplace in surgical practice when visualizing complex pathologies and abnormalities. 3D printed models are created from high resolution patient scan data (such as CT and MRI) for preoperative planning, pre-fitting plates and screws on an actual model of patient anatomy, collaborative surgical team communication, patient communication and patient consultation.

The ability to hold a 3D model of patient anatomy in your hand is of tremendous value for surgeons. The main driver of patient specific 3D printed anatomical models is reduced risk going into surgery and the cost-savings by the reduction in operating room time. Studies have reported saving from one to five hours of surgery time depending on the complexity of the case. The use of 3D printed anatomical models results in better and shorter surgery with savings in overall cost.

Qualitech makes it easy for you to order patient-specific 3D printed models via our website:

How can I order a 3D printed anatomical model?

Step 1 – Medical Imaging
Request patient imaging data from Radiology using the scan guidelines provided here.

Step 2 – Order
Fill out the request form to get a quotation and order your 3D printed model.

Step 3 – Delivery
The 3D model will be printed and delivered to you. Model production can vary between 2-5 days depending on size and complexity of the model.