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Crisis offers opportunities to build vital equipment

Crisis offers opportunities to build vital equipment

One of the enterprises in TT is throwing its hat in the ring to manufacture specialist life-saving equipment for front line health care workers. Qualitech Machining Services Ltd is developing personal protection equipment (PPE) for the workers who are leading the charge against the covid19 pandemic in TT.

On Thursday, Qualitech CEO Deepak Lall spoke about some of the things the Point Lisas-based company is doing to contribute to the national effort against covid19. Established in 1955, Qualitech is one of the the leading mechanical engineering companies in the Caribbean.

Qualitech specialises in the manufacture, repair, servicing and support of equipment for all industrial sectors. The latter includes but is not limited to, the petrochemical, manufacturing, marine, food and beverage, quarrying, agriculture, oil exploration and construction industries under the public health regulations.

Qualitech is listed as an essential service. The company supports other essential businesses such as all the petrochemical plants in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, offshore platforms, food and beverage manufacturers, utility companies and the ports.

Lall said covid19 changed the way Qualitech did business. But he said Qualitech’s safety committee developed a covid19 response plan and together with its stakeholders, has ensured the continuity of all aspects of its business. Apart from keeping its business operations going through the pandemic, Lall said Qualitech has also taken steps to aid the national response against covid19.

“For the past couple weeks, we have been in touch with several teams to help design, develop and produce parts and equipment needed to help our frontline healthcare workers.” Lall disclosed, “

These range from 3D Printing and waterjet cutting face shields as well as parts for laryngoscopes (to assist doctors in intubating patients).”

He said Qualitech’s latest project “is to design and fabricate an enclosed testing station”. Lall added, “The testing station can help reduce PPE usage as it creates a barrier between the doctor and patient.” Lall said Qualitech is pleased to be cooperating with several stakeholders to combat the spread of the pandemic.

“There is a great sense of community given the circumstances and this is always important when dealing with any dire situation.” He disclosed, “ We’ve been in touch with doctors in the frontline who are leading at various health centers and hospitals, working together with engineers at the UWI, UTT and other private citizens.”

While Qualitech continues its core business to support essential companies operating in TT during the pandemic, Lall said, “ I must say that new conversations are starting as supply chains globally are now being affected.”

With new opportunities now presenting themselves as a result of the pandemic, Lall said, “The possibility of manufacturing devices for the medical industry is an avenue we haven’t pursued strongly and is being considered.

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