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On-site Water Jet Cutting

QUALITECH On-Site waterjet cutting services. No hot work, doesn’t affect material properties, fast, clean, efficient. Applications: Tanks: decommissioning, with no need for severe cleaning or decarbonising. Pipe cutting/Bevelling with no hot work permit needed. Cleaner Concrete demolition and slab cutting with no dust, no jackhammering (which can affect structures) Cutting access holes, modifying structures.

Engineered Products, Sales and Services

Valve & Actuators: Actuators – pneumatic, electric, Hydraulic, Electraulic Valves – Isolation (Gate, Ball, Butterfly), Control, Check Rotating Equipment: Portable and stationary Air Compressors and Accessories Pumps – Vertical Turbine; Centrifugal; Pneumatic Powered; Reciprocating; Diaphragm; Piston; Electric Submersible. Gearboxes Motors – AC Single & 3-Phase, NEMA Frames, ODP, TEFC, Medium Voltage, Vertical, Severe Duty, Explosion... READ MORE
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